Logo Design

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Logo Design from Pretoria

A good logo design reflects the identity of your company or your organization. Your logo communicates at a glance about the philosophy, values, position in the market and your target. It’s your logo; the basis of the image of your company. We will work with you to a look that appeals to the target market of your product or service. Sleek and trendy or classical and luxury.

How do we create the perfect logo design for your business

With your organizational goals in mind, you select 6 examples of logos that appeal to you. We then analyze together the similarities found in these logos. From this, we start designing the new identity and corporate branding. We start sketching in pencil. Handicraft so. To work out the best concepts on the computer. After several rounds of revision, where you always gives feedback on the drafts and progress in it, coming together to create the logo.

The result is a trademark / logo design you can really be proud of.