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You can have a WordPress website that grows your business with story-driven marketing

Like you, we are frustrated with the web design industry. Most business owners are being overcharged and underserved by so-called “website design experts”. They often end up with websites that are boring, confusing and simply does not deliver any results.

At Pretoria Web Design, we follow the StoryBrand Framework to identify what your clients really want to see on a website before they make contact with you.

This framework will help you to clarify your message, capture attention and make potential clients remember your business.

You too can turn your website into a marketing machine that attracts new clients, generate more sales and get your business growing again.

Launch a website that you love
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Attract new clients
Make more sales
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What We Do

WordPress WEB DESIGN & Development

Your website should bring your brand to life online. We make sure that all the critical elements such as good user experience and strategic call to actions are core to your website. This allows you to achieve your business goals.


Selling online is the future. Whether you use your online shop as the primary function or as integration to your existing brick and mortar shop, using best practices and our experience with conversion optimisation we design and build WooCommerce websites that get results.


WordPress powers more than 25% of all websites on the web. With more than 8 years experience in developing WordPress websites, you know you are dealing with the best. A world-class WordPress design is what you can expect.

Hiring the best WordPress website designers in Pretoria for your new or website redesign can be the best investment you can make. In today’s world, where television is no longer the only major source for marketing campaigns, having a well-designed website is imperative.

With the shift in consumer dynamics, where up to 70% of all buying decisions are made or begin online, not having a professional, responsive website can make or break for a company.

Finding the best web design company in Pretoria that can meet expectations and demands for your business may present a challenge for some individuals. It is important to understand what the different aspects are that make a website effective. It is also important to understand what expertise qualifies a company to be a WordPress web design company to develop your company website.

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Elements Of Our Winning Web Design Strategy

What Questions To Ask When Hiring A Pretoria Web Design Company

For businesses that have a keen desire for a professional appearance and user friendly design, a company with a portfolio that is filled with complicated schemes and more leisurely themes may not be the best. One of the biggest questions to ask when considering if the website designers offers the best solutions for your company is “How flexible are they in trying to meet our needs?”
When selecting a Pretoria web design agency to develop your website it is important to ask what experience they have and what examples they can provide. If they are unable to provide a solid portfolio of websites they have designed, or proof of customer satisfaction, it may not be the best idea to work with them. You may also want to consider if their portfolio fits in with your business model.
If they insist on using only generic designs and are unable or unwilling to make changes to meet your needs and wants, then it is a good idea to keep shopping. The top website design companies will work with you at every step of the design process and offer only the latest design choices and themes, such as those offered by WordPress.

Another important aspect to look for is their ability to implement SEO for your website.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the top priorities in website design. It involves many different aspects, but includes primarily using quality content that contains a good percentage of keywords.

When done properly, a website that utilizes SEO can be a powerful component in an online marketing campaign. It improves search rankings and natural traffic for your website, as well as reduce the amount of bounce on your website.

Bounce, in terms of a website, tends to happen when a website has been poorly designed to catch traffic. Using word placement that is not entirely relevant to the keywords used. Poorly designed content and improper use of SEO can result in a website that gets lost and buried among invalid search results.

Beyond just acknowledging SEO, the good web design company will demonstrate that they can utilize it properly.

You most likely got to this site by searching on Google for something like Pretoria web designers or something similar. That alone should tell you enough about the ability to help you with even just basic search engine optimization.

When deciding on a website design company for building or redesigning your company website, it is imperitive to consider for the following: A solid portfolio. Flexibility and professionalism. The ability to implement SEO and maintain it. Use of up to date technology and tools, such as WordPress.

When you ask a web design company about their fees and pricing, you will get a few different answers.

Some companies believe in website design packages, while others might charge you per hour.

We do fixed quotes, but we can only give you a fixed price quote after a consultation with you.

To give you a point of reference, here are some prices:

Website for local trades company that want more leads from Google

Estimated Price: R15 000 – R20 000

Website for professional services firm with 10+ employees

Estimated Price: R20 000 – R30 000

eCommerce Website based on WooCommerce

Estimated Price: from R35 000

eCommerce is very difficult to give an accurate pricing, as there are many different items that affect the cost (from number of products and categories, to variations on products, to shipping methods, shipping zones, payment methods, coupons, abandoned cart sequences (OK, you get the picture.)

40% of the internet can’t be wrong. Yes, that’s how WordPress dominates the internet.

For very good reasons.

We believe that WordPress is the right option for 8 out of 10 websites.

From time to time, we recommend Shopify to clients just starting out with eCommerce.

We never recommend Wix or SquareSpace or Joomla (or any other CMS, for that matter).

Some companies will charge only a monthly fee for your website. We haven’t figured out how they can do this and spend enough time to get to know your business to build an effective lead generating website.

We charge a upfront project fee. And then we also have monthly Care Plans. These Care Plans include the licensing fees for your plugins (so you don’t get hit with R10 000 of plugin license renewals every year).

Care Plans also covers your monthly hosting, and ensures that your WordPress theme andp lugins remain up to date with the latest security patches, new features and performance improvements.

We also keep a close eye on new plugins that are released, and from time to time we purchase more plugin licenses that you can use on your website. Without paying a cent extra.

That’s how your Care Plan becomes more valuable.

Not only do you have a dedicated WordPress developer taking care of your website, but you also have a growing library of premium WordPress plugins that you can use to make your website even better.

With strict legislation around what medical practitionrs can and can’t do with their websites, you can rest assured that we have built websites for dentists, chiropractors and plastic surgeons.

With a specialist medical web design agency, you can rest assured that your website will adhere to all the necessary policies, regulations and legislation.

We Don’t Do Quotes – We Customise Based On Your Requirements

So many website design companies have standard packages for their web design services.

Don’t you agree that you are different, your needs are different and you want your website to stand out from your competition?

That is why we discuss your basic needs and requirements. We then do our homework and come back with a strategy based proposal on what our experience and research tell us for you to stand out from your competitors.

Like the old African saying goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, we go together.”

You see, we are not in this business to simply have “hit and run” clients. We take pride in every single aspect of creating, building and establishing a long-term relationship with you and your company.

From our experience, there is nothing more frustrating to every time get another developer to make changes to your website. We designed your website, we want to make and see it grow into a powerhouse that your competitors will hate in awe!

Obviously, you will ask about the pricing issue – remember, we want to partner with you for life! We work according to your budget (Come to think of it, some of our current clients actually took us out for lunch with the money we did not use).

Why wait? Get online and let your website work for you