Easy Daily tasks for your SEO

Keep your site top-notch with these five easy tasks.

  1. It is important to first manage your links for your site. This means making sure all your links remain active. You also need to verify if other sites are linking directly to you. If your website has a lot of links, you need to make sure that they don’t grow out of control. It is important that you label your links to accurately reflect the page they are linking to on your site.
  2. You should re-order your link order, placing the most important ones first on your site for the search engine to recognize your site on the search results first. If you have many links you can group them together. It is a good idea, if you have links pages that contain 25+ links, to make it a directory. You can get more backlinks by creating a directory. It is important to verify the links you place on other sites.
  3. You should respond to all email requests for links. When you receive requests to exchange links, respond quickly. Some emails may not be very good. Therefore, it is important to quickly respond to any request for a link exchange on your site for search engine optimization. Please let the webmaster know why you have declined to accept a link request. They may not have the incite you to have. They may be able to make a few improvements and then become great link partners in the future. It is normal to inform the webmaster if you are available to exchange links within two to 3 days of receiving an inquiry. A personalized message detailing your approval or rejection of the exchange will impress webmasters even more and improve your search engine optimization efforts for your site to reach higher rankings on search engines.Search Engine Optimization to rank high on search engines search results
  4. Check link exchange forums. This is an analogous aspect to the previous but in this instance, it is more difficult for you to keep track of all of those people who could request links to your site. There are many spam sites out there, but also some truly useless and bad ones. If you encounter such a site or forum member, inform them of your problem with what they are doing and report them to a moderator/administrator if they do not correct their behaviour in a suitable manner. Forums like these should be kept clean. Otherwise, search engines may see them as a link farming site rather than an exchange platform.
  5. Last, check that each feature is still working. The dynamic content you’ll likely include on your site at one point should be delivered correctly for good search engine optimization efforts. It is forbidden to create messages on the fly. A dynamic site of quality is more dynamic than a subpar site. In a quality site, all content is delivered on time. Everything seems planned and static. It is important to take time with your site and search engine optimization planning and strategies.Update your website regularly to keep search engines returning to it more often. You need to update regularly. If your patterns are clear about ensuring quality and precision, it will be easier to find ways that you can improve your visitors’ satisfaction, increase search engine listing, and increase traffic. Don’t accept a link from someone’s site without asking. Your site’s content must be the focus of all your outgoing links and incoming links in order to be ranked highly on search engines.Search Engine Optimization strategies for better search engine search results

Basic link checking. To stop search engines from indexing pages on sites, robots.txt is used. These sites mistakenly believe outbound links will count against their site.

To check, just retype their URL with robots.txt on the end (for example, http://www.website.com/robots.txt). If you see a page displaying ‘Disallow’ with the URL of their link page, it is likely that spiders aren’t allowing them to index it.

Do not exchange links with this website. It is also a good idea to check for ‘cloaked websites’ and to report them to search engines. You don’t want your involvement with these people as it might hurt your search engine optimization efforts. Better to have them removed. Does the website that you’re offered a link to have PageRank? Even if they have PageRank you should still look at how the link drops between the main page and the links. You should be aware that new pages take time to rank so a PR0 site doesn’t necessarily have any PageRank.

Consider how many links are already on the page of your site. Do not allow more than 20 links. Many webmasters are tempted to collect links in the hope that they will boost their rankings on the search results. But, this only makes them look like spammers. Many of these links do not even include linking to major spam industries, such as adult content and casinos. There is no reason to link to any site that does not accept links.

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