3 Best Free Recovery Software

free data recovery softwareOpinions on the best free recovery software in the market differ greatly from one person to the other. However, even the most skeptic users agree that some of the data recovery software in the market have qualities that place them just an edge above the rest. Whether it is the speed or their features or just the simplicity of use that attracts droves to them, these data recovery tools have ranked as some of the best in the market, and that is not by mistake.

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Our 3 Best Free Data Recovery Software

Test Disk

First on my least of the best free recovery software is Test Disk. This is open source software that comes with a host of features. Records indicate that Test disk has at one time recovered 1GB of data in just 83 seconds. This time has only been beaten by other commercial software, which has to do it to get clients.

The software can be used in a variety of platforms that often comes pre-installed in some of the Linux distro live CDs. It is known for having numerous useful features that include restoring DE type partitions; a feature that has proven especially popular with owners of Dell computers.

The good part is that it works on the periphery and does not need to be installed in the computer itself. By the sheer power that it carries and its massive ability to recover a huge chunk of data in a short while, Test disk is one of the best free recovery software in the market.

On the other hand, Test disk does not come with a GUI interface and it is designed for use by people having advanced knowledge of computers. However, this downside is normally covered by the fact that it has a user guide with step by step directions for less technologically inclined users.


Recuva is a data recovery tool that is easy to use and can perform on the big stages. This is a file undelete utility that has been designed by Piriform, which tends to deliver on the qualities that the producers promise.

According to various records, Recuva has been known to recover up to 1 GB of data in just 87 seconds; not a mean feat by any standard. With a very user-friendly interface, Recuva is designed for people who do not have much knowledge in the technical field. Its ability to work fast and its simplicity in usage are only but some of the features that have made it especially popular amongst different users in the market.

The only downside is that it tends to work best with straightforward recovery; any complicated procedures tend to give Recuva a harder time making it a little slower in achieving its goals. Even then, among the free recovery software in the market, it is among the best.

MiniTool Power Data

The MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition is one of the top picks in anyone’s list of the best free recovery software in the market. The reason for this is the fact that it comes loaded with an extremely intuitive interface that works for people of all kinds.

It is rare to find a data recovery tool that accommodates people with different skill sets. According to records, it has the ability to recover up to 1GB in just 85 seconds.

Even with such high speeds, the MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition still manages to recover all files even after the disk has been formatted. The only downside is that if you wish to recover more than 1 GB of data, then you will be required to purchase the full version of this software.

The best free recovery software in the market often has something that makes them special and from the analysis above, these special features can be easily traced.

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