5 Pillars for Local Visibility: How to get More Local Customers

Long gone are the days of local visibility on Google for local businesses.

Online visibility is a must for local businesses. Otherwise, they risk being overlooked by Google customers who trust Google to refer service providers. This has made it a “must have” for all local businesses.


Because there are more people searching online for local service providers than ever before. Social Media Today reports that 97% users used Google to search for local businesses in 2019.

You can still reap the benefits from local SEO, but it is not too late.

This article will explain what local SEO means, how it works, and the five pillars of visibility that can help you attract more customers and visitors to your website.

What is SEO local? Why do you need it?

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is a marketing strategy which helps your business appear in the local search results of Google.

Here are some examples:

Based on the results I will choose one of these companies and visit their website, or call them to utilize their services.

It was as easy as that: they gained a client without spending a penny on advertising.

Local SEO is a powerful tool.

Local SEO can not only help your business get more customers or sales but also increase your local SEO.

  • Customers can be trusted
  • Enhance your online presence and visibility
  • Establish authority in your industry
  • Reducing the amount you spend advertising
  • Get more reviews and get better ones
  • Increase your repeat customers
  • Maximize your ROI

5 pillars for local visibility

Here are some key steps to help improve your business’s visibility in your locality.

Pillar 1: Google My Business

Google is the biggest search engine in the world, accounting for 83% global search market. Therefore, it makes sense that you focus your efforts here.


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First, create a Google My Business Page (GMB). This page is a Google directory page that your business can use. Google will use data from this page for local search results.

To set up this page, head to https://business.google.com/create and follow the steps.

After you have created your business profile make sure to complete all information. Include your contact details and photos. List of services. Full description. Logo.

To increase the number of customers that Google sends your way, you will also need to do a few weekly activities.

Pillar 2: NAP

NAP, the second pillar of SEO in local SEO, is also known. Do not forget to grab a pillow… This is not the kind of NAP.

NAP is the acronym for “Name, Address, Phone Number“.

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Online marketing requires that your NAP info be accurate and consistent throughout the web (including your site, Google My Business page and social media profiles as well as any other websites listing your details).

NAP’s great advantage is that it not only shows Google that your business is trustworthy (which improves your online visibility), but also makes it easier for customers to reach you and visit your site without any hassle.

Pillar 3 – Citations

Citations are online references to your NAP details. These include both:

  • Full citations (where ALL information is present, including your company name, address, and phone number (NAP)).
  • Partial Citations: In which only a portion of your NAP information is mentioned. Your business name and place of business may be mentioned, but your telephone number is missing.

Both of these citations are great for local SEO. Google views full citations as more valuable.

Google will see your business as more credible the more citations that you have.

These citations are also visible to the public. You have more chances to drive traffic to the site if you have more company information.

Pillar 4: Reviews

Did you know that nine of ten customers around the world read customer reviews before they buy products?

Reviews are now a key factor in customer buying decisions, as more local businesses invest more into local marketing.

Customers will click on your website more often than their competitors if they see it receiving more reviews, preferably 5-star ratings.

Google will evaluate your Google My Business page and other authority sites like Facebook to determine your local ranking.

Google offers two options for users to leave reviews:

  1. A star rating is all that’s needed
  2. A testimonial and a star rating

The first will improve your rating but the second will help you rank higher for the right keywords.

Pillar 5: Website Content

Local SEO’s final pillar is your website’s content. This includes:

  • Google will need a complete list of all of your services to be able to identify which services you offer, and what customers it needs.
  • Customer testimonials that include details such as name, address, and mentions of the service received.
  • You can showcase your customers’ expectations when you work with them by creating featured projects. This will help you establish yourself as an expert, and customers will choose you over your competitors.
  • Google will need to have a list of all your service areas in order to determine which areas you serve and then send customers to those who are in that area.
  • Your services should be useful and informative content that is valuable to the reader. If you provide painting services, an article could be “5 Things You Should Keep in Mind when Choosing Paint for Your Roof”. This article will be very useful to the reader and will increase their trust in your business.
  • You can create an FAQ section that answers customers’ most frequent questions about your services and how you work.

The more helpful and relevant content you provide, the better.

You can think of it as:

Imagine two websites for plumbing companies. Let’s call Joe’s Plumbers and Pro Plumbing.

  • Joe’s Plumbers has not provided a comprehensive list of its services or testimonials.
  • Pro Plumbing, however, has all the above information on its website.

Which business do think will be more successful in attracting customers via Google?

The answer is Pro Plumbers

Do you want to win more local clients?

The five pillars of visibility can be integrated into your SEO strategy to help your business appear more often on Google. What does this all mean for your company?

You will receive more phone calls from potential customers who actively seek your services.

You can see the five pillars’ impact on our clients by reading “How local businesses are receiving 40+ phone calls each month from Google.”

Implementing all five pillars to local visibility in your SEO strategy will increase your website traffic.

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