SEO: A strategy

I am happy to share some information on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) today.

Many people believe that you can buy SEO services and your website will automatically appear on the first page of search results.

SEO isn’t like walking into your favourite store and picking up something from the shelf.

It’s a strategy, and it takes time to build and bring to fruition.

You can think of it as going to the gym. Maybe you are looking to increase muscle mass or lose weight.

Although you will make small progress, if you only go to the fitness centre once, it won’t be enough to see any improvement. One session at the gym will have little impact.

But, if you are consistent about going to the gym over a longer period of time, you’ll see results. Consistent, consistent training will help you gain muscle and shed weight.

This is SEO. It is important to start by creating a strategy. Next, you need to execute the strategy over time.

A friend of mine says that consistency wins over ability.

How does this relate to SEO? It all boils down to doing the basics of SEO correctly. SEO is not just for once. It should be done every day, every week and every month.

Most SEOs will agree that it can take 3-6 months for good results to start seeing the benefits of an SEO campaign.

I call it BS. While you may get better results, you must be realistic about what your website can expect.

Recall the …. example from the gym.
Let’s look at two hypothetical people. Jeff was a couch potato throughout his life. Tony, on the other hand, has been running a lot and is a part of an indoor soccer league.

Tony and Jeff sign up at a new gym in their neighbourhood. What are the chances that Jeff and Tony will see the same results in a month?

It’s unlikely. Tony is a runner and can play indoor soccer. He’s able to get results quicker than Jeff.

What does this translate into for your website’s success?

It means that each website is unique in its level of fitness. It is important to determine the current fitness level of your website.

We will free of charge conduct a five-minute video review to assess the fit and unfitness of your website’s website’s SEO.

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