Website Redesign: When Is The Best Time?

website redesign Why Do You Need A Website Redesign?

When your website is new, you are filled with joyful expectation. You can almost see people clicking on the links and going through your catalogue of products. What if the website does not lead to increase in sales as you expected? When do you decide that the site needs a complete overhaul? While it may be painful considering all the hard work you put into the site, website redesign Pretoria is sometimes the only option left. Below are the warning signs that it is time to bring down the site.

Poor Ranking in Search Engine Results

If your performance on Google and other search engines has been going down for a long time, you should consider redesigning your site. Website tweaks and changing the content are an effective way of ensuring that people spend more time on your site and develop an interest in what you are offering.

No Mobile Responsive Capability

Today, many people are using mobile gadgets to access information on the internet. If your site is not yet responsive for smartphones and tablets, do a website redesign to increase the chances of getting business.

Lack of Repeat Visitors

If tracking data shows that most visitors never come back to the site, chances are that your content is not enticing. The best way to counter this is to redesign the site and regularly update content.

Disparity Between Website and Marketing Materials

There should be a cohesion of all the materials used on the site, for example, newsletter, blog, and business card. If this is not the case, you need to redesign everything on the website to create an identity.

Change in Business

A shift in what you do is reason enough for you to consider a website redesign. In other words, the website should represent your business all the time.

If you identify these signs and redesign your website, you will enjoy several benefits, for example;

  • Your website will load faster on even the newest gadgets
  • You will get more visitors leading to increased sales
  • Performance on search engines will improve

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